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This page is another addition to my internet site. In 1994 I got in touch with the Internet and during that time I built my first homepage ever. I added several pages to that homepage and in a short while it grew out to be a complete site. Because my first page became outdated, I had to construct a new front page at the 'Digitale Stad'. My site is spread over several hosts in the internet on which I have disk space. I even had a homepage at Geocities in the United States. In that way my homepages can be found easier and if one of the sites is down, my pages still can be reached on other hosts. I mean: what is the chance that all these hosts are down at the same time?

I am trying to improve my site... I really want it to be an addition to all the information available on the internet.... Some information is available for everyone, but unfortunately not everything. I also have a page that isn't available for everyone and that is protected by a password. If you are nice enough to me I will provide you the password... After that my private page will be available for you too...

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I was born in Paramaribo, the capital of the Republic of Suriname. On Thursday October 24 1974 I came into this world. In 1985 I moved to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.... I finished my school in 1992 and after that I went studying Civil Engineering on Delft University of Technology. During that time I discovered that I had this gift with computers. That's why I decided to study computer science. I think it was the right decision for me.

Nowadays I study computer science, because I just love computers and working with them. My other hobbies are listening to good music, dancing, cycling, walking, drawing, surfing on the internet, programming, working on my homepages, driving my car, etcetera.... If you want to learn more about me I just refer to my Main Page, my page at Wanadoo and my Page about myself.

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