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A little story about me:

You must know by now that my name is Peter Troon. I was born in a small country in South America called Suriname. You can learn more about this interesting country if you click here. I moved to the netherlands in 1985.

Nowadays I live in Amsterdam. I live in a part of the city, which is called Osdorp. Osdorp is near Schiphol, Amsterdam - Airport. Amsterdam is a nice place to live. I think that you must have been there at least once in your life time. It is an experience you will never ever forget. I can tell you!

I study computer science. I like working with computers and I think that computers will help us improve this world. The internet connects many computers across the world and it makes the world seem a lot smaller. I think it will bring the world together. It is so easy to contact people on other continents. I moved to the Netherlands and lost contacts I had with people in Suriname. Thanks to the Internet I could reunite with some of these persons....
Well I think I told enough about myself. If you want to know more about me, you can visit this page and read about me or you can send an electronic mail to pajtroon@dds.nl.

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You can e-mail me at pajtroon@dds.nl.
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