People who "enjoyed" my Nude Girls Page

I decided to publish the reactions of the greatest losers from now on. This is not the first e-mail I received about my "Nude girls" page and I think it's a pity that the rest of the world is not able to enjoy these mails.... So if you are interested in some examples of losers you are lucky, because this is the right page. Please return from time to time, because there might be a new example added to this section.

I have to state again that not all reactions are published, because basically these are not worth giving attention to. But some of them are so pathetic that makes me decide to take the small effort to publish them on this site.

Anywayz.... Below is the first one....
Please also read this reaction.

Note: The following text with the gray background is the e-mail as I received it litterally. So the sender is quoted here. Any typing errors or unclearnesses in this text are not of my concern. For privacy reasons the receipients e-mail adress has been made unreadable.


Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 01:34:59 -0000
From: blue strat <**********>
Subject: lmfao

I am mad at you now, so don't send an electronic mail to:!!!!!
Can you imagine how dirty-minded most people are?
And you must know by now that you are one of those persons.....
You really should be ashamed of yourself. I wouldn't be proud of this if I 
were you.... Especially since I know this:
You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 
98; DigExt) to view this page.
You're acting like a little child!!!!

your'e acting like a child?? your'e kidding, right?

what a pathethic bleeding heart whiner you are. i am quite amuzed at ur 
sopmorish ramblings. you seem to be very angry, insecure, and obviously 
afraid of something. you can't save the world little boy. you are just a 
little man in a big man's world. move aside or get run over junior. perhaps 
you are just crying out for help for your meaningless existance? you have 
nothing better to do than to pry into other's lives telling them what you 
think is good for them. what one looks at is no concern of yours in any way.

i'm sorry to have to burst your self proclaimed computer guru bubble, but i 
actually visited your stupid site with win/me netscape 3, so u better go 
back to the drawing board einstein, it needs a bit of tweaking.
i will give you an A for effort though.

you might be the one who is mad, but for every one of you there are 9 of us 
laughing ....... at you. thanx for the comic relief

you might actually try going outside once in a while or try a different 
hobby? to be honest, i've never seen someone talk so much and not say a word 
in my life. hats off to you gomer.
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This person obviously doesn't know that this page is meant as a joke.... He probably expected to see some nude girls and was ready for the action. He probably was nude himself and playing with himself.... Maybe it was a long time ago, that he had sex or maybe even never.... Or perhaps he is going to the stage of puberty... In that case he should ask his mommy for some advice....

He says I am insecure... I know what I can do and ofcourse I know my limitations. I think everybody should know his or her limitations.... Persons who know me better know that I am not insecure and I know who appreciates my work.... I am not afraid of anything.... Who does he think that he is??

And then he says I should get run over? I think maybe it's a solution to him since he obviously has problems... I shouldn't acknowledge his reaction here, because it probably would make me just as bad and pathethic as him.

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