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H.V.A. stands for the Hogeschool van Amsterdam; just another college school. You can take several kinds of courses at this institute. You can study computer science for instance. The Hogeschool van Amsterdam has several divisions. Both social and technical studies are available it this college school. For more information I refer to the Hogeschool van Amsterdam homepage. For more information about the departments of Computer Science and Electrotechnics you can click here.
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Peter Troon About Me

I study Computer Science. I've been on this school since september 1996. Before I joined this school I studied Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. During my time in Delft I discovered that I liked to work with computers. It just felt right to me. At a certain point in my life I realised, that I was at the wrong place. So I switched and came to Amsterdam, the right place, to study Computer Science. Now I know I am doing the right thing. I really want to finish this study and join my collegues at work. There is a lot to do. Everybody wants to work with computers. Many companies want to join the automation, but they don't know how and that is the point where computer specialists take over.....

It is certain that there is a great future for the Computer Science. Everything in this section is developing very fast. And of course the break-through of the internet, multimedia, etc. make sure that everybody wants to use computers. I think that the internet will bring this world together. It made the world smaller already; that is a fact!

But still I have to warn you..... Unfortunately there also is a dark side in this story. Even on the internet there are people, who want to hurt you. Some people think it's funny to ruin other people's property, for instance the data on other people's computers. The Internet can be an unsafe place too. People can send you computer viruses for instance.

And nowadays a really dangerous program is available. It is called Back Office and it's available for the Windows 95 / 98 platform. People who use Windows NT are lucky, because it doesn't work in that environment. If someone sends you an executable file with a size that is about 120 Kb, don't accept it. It could be the Back Office client and if you run that program the other person will be able to access your computer in the same way you can. So the person can delete or your files. This is not a fairytale! It has happened to several people. My message to everyone is: Don't accept executable files, unless you know for sure they won't hurt your computer system. But generally spoken the internet is a medium that can help make this world a better and a smaller place.......

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