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I love music..... Music is one of my great hobby's. There are lots of music artists which I like. And according to most people I know I have a very good taste in music. So I can give an advise of what to buy. I have over 700 CD's in my personal collection and according to my database I have over 9000 different songs. It is not possible to lend my songs to people, because all the rights on those songs are reserved.

On this page I will make my personal top 10 of songs which I like. I will update it monthly. I know that that is not enought, but it is not possible for me to update it weekly, because I haven't got the time...... I have other things to do too and I know you can understand that. And probably there won't be many persons who will access this page, so once a month is more than enough. I know that the world isn't interested in my personal top 10, but I know too, that if you aren't interested in this page, you can always look up another one. I have to say one thing: These songs might seem old, but a song can be old and still be a very good song.....

I hope you will like my top 10. If you know a song and you think I should know it too, you can e-mail me at

If I have the time I will go to the store to listen to it...... and maybe buy it! If I like it enough and it is a new song, it might be in my top 10 next month....

Peter Troon's Music Top 10 - August 2000

  1. R. Kelly
    Bad man
    (R. Kelly)
  2. Janet Jackson
    Doesn't really matter
    (J. Jackson, James Harris III, T. Lewis)
  3. Montell Jordan
    Once upon a time
    (M. Jordan, A. Crawford)
  4. En Vogue
    (D. Foster, T. McElroy, T. Ellis, C. Herron, M. Jones)
  5. King Lover
    Reggae 2000
    (A. Iagaris, H. Mijland)
  6. Eminem
    The real Slim Shady
    (M. Mathers, A. Young, M. Bradford)
  7. Joe
    I wanna know
    (J. Thomas, J. Skinner, M. Williams)
  8. Wyclef Jean
    It doesn't matter
    (W. Jean, J. Duplessis)
  9. Aaliyah
    Try again
    (T. Mosley, S. Garrett)
  10. Mariah Carey
    Against all odds (Take a look at me now)
    (P. Collins)
NOTE: It might be possible, that some of these songs are not available where you are. A reason for this could be that the song mentioned here only is hot in the Netherlands. This list is based on my personal taste and on the current charts in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.
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