In one of the many songs I know someone sings "Music is my life" and I recognize myself in that, because it's true for me. I really, really, really love music.... It's an important part of my life and I know that my life wouldn't be complete if music did not exist. Music is an universal language and I think you must "feel" the meaning of it. You can like a song even if you don't know what the song is about. Just the melody of the rhythm of it can attract you.

They say that the music was invented in Africa and I think it's true. Rhythm is something that must be very ancient and it's almost sure that it was invented in the early days of mankind. Many things in the nature have a rhythm or a beat. For instance the heartbeat. So the beat is something that is part of us. Many people, like myself, like to dance and I think that that's another proof of what I said in the previous sentence.

Personally I like many kinds of music. My taste varies litterally from Classical music (Like Beethoven and Mozart) to house. I don't like hardcore house and I don't like hardrock, but I've heard some rock songs which are not that bad. Rock ballads can be very beautiful and that's why I like them. Some alternative stuff can also be good....

But the music I love the most is: Soul, Rhythm & Blues, New Jack Swing or Swingbeat, Hip Hop and Rap, Reggae, Dance music, Disco, Love ballads, Pop music, South American music like Salsa and Merengue and House. I have many CD's and my collection still grows. The reason that I buy so many CD's is, that I want to be able to play a song that I like on a time that I choose. I don't want to wait until a radio or a television station decides to play the song.

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Remember: This world would be even worse than it is right now if music did not exist...

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