The Flag of Suriname

Ai Sranang

Performed by Max Nijman

Ai Sranang, mi moi switi kondre
Ai mi lobi joe sote
Te mi knapoe en mi loekoe na ala sé
We dan mi hati a ne sari foe troe

Te mi doro na ini Coroni
Dan mi e go firi na switi sé winti
Ala deng kronto bon taki deng ben sèki
Ai Coroni joe switi leki njoen honie

We na so a ben de, we na so a sa da de
Pasensie, pasensie we begi tide

Ai boto n'ai go na Nickerie
Drape srefi joe no de kan ferferi
Bikasi joe de go njang gesond' alesi
Ai Nickerie na ini joe mi sa wan beri

Dan drai joe hede dan loekoe go na Mungo
Dan joe sa sie pe na bauxiet e komopo
Oen moe breti oen moe prisirie oen moe dansie
Bikasi ala jari m'o ge tan nombroe wan

This song "Ai Sranang" or "Ay Sranang" beautifully describes the great love many persons have for Suriname. Because of that reason you should be able to understand the text of this song. An effort is made to translate the text and make the English and Dutch translations of this text available on this page. If you ever get the chance to listen to this song don't hesitate. The Surinamese singer Max Nijman sings this song in a very passionate way and while listening to this song you'll notice that his love is sincere.

English translation

Yes Suriname, my beautiful sweet country
Yes I love you so much
When I stand there and I look in all directions
Well, at that point my heart is not big enough

When I arrive in Coroni
Then I feel the sweet sea wind
And all the branches of the coconut trees are shaking
Yes Coroni, you are as sweet as new honey

Well that's the way it was and that's the way it will be
Patience, Patience is what we are praying for today

Yes, going by boat to Nickerie
Even there you can't get bored
Because you'll eat healthy rice over there
Yes Nickerie, in your soil I'll want to be buried

And turn your head the other way and look at Mungo
Then you'll see the place where bauxite is coming from
We have to be happy, we should make pleasure, we have to dance
Because you'll always be my number one

Nederlandse vertaling/ Dutch translation

Ja Suriname, mijn mooi heerlijk land
Ja ik hou zoveel van je
Wanneer ik er sta en ik er alle kanten op kijk
Wel dan is mijn hart niet groot genoeg

Wanneer ik aankom in Coroni
Dan voel ik er de heerlijke zeewind
En schudden de takken van alle kokos bomen
Ja Coroni, je bent even zoet als nieuwe honing

Wel zo was het en zo zal het zijn
Geduld, Geduld is waar we vandaag voor bidden

Ja en met de boot naar Nickerie
Zelfs daar kun je je niet vervelen
Omdat je er gezonde rijst zult eten
Ja Nickerie, in jouw grond zal ik begraven willen worden

En draai je hoofd de andere kant op en kijk naar Mungo
Dan zul je de plek zien waar bauxiet vandaan komt
We moeten blij zijn, we moeten plezier maken, we moeten dansen
Omdat je altijd mijn nummer één zult blijven

Important Note: The copyright of this song is not owned by me!! I just published the text here, because I really like this song. This page is in no way meant as any commercial activity.

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