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Flag of Suriname
There are so many things to tell about the beautiful country Suriname. Ofcourse it is impossible to tell everything, but this site tries to help people who are looking for information about the Republic of Suriname. General information like the location, history and anthem can be found on these pages. The meaning of the colours used in the flag of Suriname are also explained. Click here to find out where Suriname is.
Travel Documents / Visa
If you want to visit Suriname, you have to make your visa papers are in order. If you want to apply for a visa you can fill in this form made by the Suriname Consulate. Note that in most cases you will receive a single-entrance visa. So you only will be able to enter Suriname one time with that visa. In most cases this is no issue, but it can become an issue of you want to combine your trip to Suriname with a visit to for instance Guyana or French Guiana. More details about this are available on the page with handy information for people planning to visit the Republic of Suriname.
Suriname is in the Tropics and therefore people visiting Suriname should that into account and make sure that they get the right vaccinations. Most persons are advised to get protection against Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever, DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Poliomyelitis) and Typhoid Fever. Additional it may be necessary to have medication to avoid Malaria and for Travelers’ Diarrhea. Many parts of Suriname (Several parts within the interior country) require protection against Malaria. More information regarding necessary vaccinations is available on my page with advisory information for people who are planning to make a trip to Suriname.
The Suriname Bridge
The Suriname river is a very wide river and therefore a wide limitation for the development of Suriname. In 2000 Suriname finally found a way to get rid of this limitation: A bridge across the Suriname river was opened by the President of that time, Mr. Jules Wijdenbosch. The bridge was named after him. The distance between Paramaribo and the Commewijne district has become a lot smaller. Because of that, the Commewijne district will be developed much faster. The village on the other side of the river is called Meerzorg. The value of the ground within that area increases rapidly. More information about the Suriname bridge is available behind this link.
Faya Lobi / Faja Lobi
The Faya Lobi Flower
Faya Lobi or Faja Lobi is the best known flower from Suriname. It is called the flower of love, because the litteral translation is "Fire Love". Just like many other flowers, this flower is used by people to express their love to each other. The picture next to this text shows a Faya Lobi flower. The flower appears in different colors. As far as I know there are red, yellow, orange and white Faya Lobi flowers. Ofcourse many people have small companies to cultivate these flowers and in Suriname it is good business.
Other Information  
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